Ms. Martha Solomon is the CEO & Founder at The Solomon Brokerage Firm and her focus is on the Energy & Commodities markets. She is specialized in managing international public affairs & engages in large and medium commerce operations.

Ms. Solomon is primarily driven by organization & timeliness, promoting a company culture of trust and loyalty amongst her collaborators. She is a self-motivated, energetic and out-of-the-box thinker who approaches business affairs with excellence as the foundation for success.

Ms. Solomon has broad experience various past strategic planning and branding activities, with expertise in the Mexican film industry, LatAm business marketing & with several years of agribusiness endeavors.

With executive experience, Ms. Solomon is proficient in developing commercial & marketing plans highlighting objectives, strategies, priorities, allocation of budget and volume with many connections in the commercial industry in Mexico. She contributes to the future growth & health of the business through innovation, developing a sustainable retail sales strategy that allows a profitable customer growth.

Ms. Solomon is a former board member at Astrum Fundación and Astrum Salud Móvil, a federated member at International Longevity Alliance, she is also appointed as LatAm Business Development Director at ReAnima Advanced Biosciences, RegenerAge Clinic, and Dr. Jois.

Martha E. Solomon is on Linkedin.