Exclusive: By 2017, Humans Will Uncover The Secrets Of Life, Says “Death Reversion” Proponent Ira Pastor

Can humans do the impossible and live a lot longer? If other species could do it, then why not human beings?

Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor points out that all around us in nature, there are organisms whose brains can be completely destroyed, only to regenerate and remodel (amphibians, planarians, metamorphic insects, small hibernating mammals).” If humans are the most advanced species in this world, then reversing death should be easy, extending life even simpler.

In this exclusive Health Aim interview with Bioquark CEO Ira Pastor, whose over 30 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry lend gravitas to the seemingly fantastic goals of the organization, we learn of the state of the art of therapeutic life extension, as well as death reversal.

The revolutionary Reanima Project unit of Bioquark supports inducible endogenous regeneration and repair technologies to combat severe diseases and disorders of the central nervous system (CNS).

Back To Life?

To ensure death reversal becomes a reality, Ira says, “We require the right combination of technology platform, team and regulatory structure” which is there under the Reanima Project.

Bioquark is “an innovative life sciences company focused on the development of novel combinatorial biologics for the induction of natural, endogenous regeneration and tissue repair in human beings. It has been internally developing and maturing its tools in-house over the past few years, ” the CEO explains.

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